Highly Experienced, Cost-Effective GIS Consultant Services

Use Conroy Consulting's Custom Trimble Devices.

Conroy Consulting, Inc. is a GIS consultant service specializing in the development of cost-effective municipal GIS mapping solutions that improve the productivity of your local government’s workflow systems and community services.

Knowledge is power, and when that knowledge is digitized, you enhance your ability to analyze,

plan and make strategic decisions that will positively impact the long-term wellbeing of your municipality. Conroy Consulting works with you and your vendors – as well as a wide range of governmental and regulatory bodies – to access your geospatial and parcel data assets and integrate them into a powerful information platform custom-suited to your community’s needs.


  • Experienced consultation that will help you design the right GIS mapping solution for your community
  • Deep network contacts to allow for quick access to your digital data assets from a wide range of governmental and regulatory agencies
  • Extensive knowledge of all facets of a robust GIS mapping system for objective analysis and recommendation of hardware, software and ancillary support
  • Customized mapping integration and overlays of vital municipal data, from property parcels and fire districts to power lines and wastewater systems


  • Improve response times
  • Support environmental, health & safety (EHS) initiatives
  • Realize substantial return on investment through increased efficiencies
  • Enhance productivity using digital technology
  • Make planning processes easier