Solutions That Other Geospatial Data Specialists Won’t Offer


Make no mistake. Conroy Consulting does not sell GIS mapping hardware or software, nor are we aligned with any specific geospatial data mapping service provider. Our expertise lies in retrieving your own data sources (accessed from federal or state governmental bodies, third-party agencies or even suppliers), and developing full digital functionality within a robust GIS mapping system.

More than an information technology expert, Conroy Consulting focuses on creating GIS solutions that will help you effectively manage your day-to-day operations – and achieve your municipality’s long-term goals for growth.

When you compare Conroy Consulting’s approach to other GIS or IT systems engineering service firms, you’ll find distinct differences:

  • Conroy Consulting takes an agnostic approach to GIS mapping technology – we will configure the right system for your municipality at the most efficient cost. We will objectively recommend hardware and software solutions that fit your budget and your requirements.
  • Conroy Consulting doesn’t believe in tying up your geospatial data assets — or critical operational functions – in proprietary technology platforms and long-term contracts. We develop comprehensive GIS programs that are supported by existing systems or off-the-shelf technologies.
  • Some specialists charge you for their consulting services – and then charge incremental fees when their GIS mapping tools are accessed by public works technicians out in the field! Conroy Consulting’s GIS mapping solutions are completely owned and controlled by you. There’s no limitation to your data access.

Because of our commitment to full-value, full-access geospatial data systems, you get a custom-suited, cost-effective, streamlined GIS mapping solution that will grow to meet your community’s future plans.